Are You a Feminist?

Many men are confused about whether they are feminists or not. Here’s a flowchart to help you.

Flowchart: Are you a feminist?, are you a feminist, minimise, feminism

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One thought on “Are You a Feminist?”

  1. I think that flowchart somewhat biased from the Feminist perspective. It is possible to support and actively progress women’s rights but not be a Feminist by being a gender egalitarian. I prefer to progress gender equality from a gender inclusive movement, rather than any particular single gender movement. I tend to think there is more power and in inclusive groups i.e. the sexual rights movement, rather than just say transsexual rights, or anti-racism movement compared to “black” rights. I am also not a fan on how some Feminists & Masculinists behave and convey their argument, there is too much negative propaganda language for me. I tend to feel that whilst people are pushing gender equality from single gender movements we will continue butting heads, and going around in circles. People should work together or we will be having the same arguments in another 50 years time. Social progress from a gender egalitarian perspective:


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