Geek Girl Toys Aren’t Just For Girls

“The logic presumably goes like this: Comic book & genre movies are for boys, so we only put the male characters on the toys for boys, and only provide male characters for the boys to play with, because boys don’t like anything having to do with female characters. As the mom of a little boy, I have to point out that this simply is not true.” – @dani_ketch with her thoughts on #WheresGamora

Legion of Leia

Earlier this week, Amy Ratcliffe over at Geek with Curves delivered a pretty comprehensive post about the lack of Gamora in the new outpouring of Guardians of the Galaxy toys and merchandising. Over at the Mary Sue, they’re bringing more awareness to the public outcry among fans who want the opportunity to spend their hard-earned cash on some licensed stuff that features our favorite green assassin along with the rest of the Guardians.

Gamora_from_poster Image from Marvel

We support these sites and initiatives, because we are also women who like to wear and collect our fandom, and loved Guardians of the Galaxy. The idea that there aren’t enough women or girls to generate demand for this sort of merchandise has gotten so old and played out it’s frankly almost boring. Of course we want it and would spend money on it. Of course she should be there.

The point that…

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