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Man vs. Pink, Simon Ragoonanan, stay-at-home dad blogger
What do I do:

I’m a parent blogger, writer, and social influencer.

My dad blog chronicles life as a stay-at-home father to my 3-year-old daughter, and our shared love of geek culture. This often leads to writing about gendered marketing, the highs and occasional lows of being a stay-at-home dad, as well as general parenting content.


review products that are relevant to me, my family, or my followers. It will be an honest review, so please peruse my blog and make sure I’m the person you want to write about it.

If we like it we expect to keep it, but if we really like it then you can expect photos of it to keep cropping up on my social accounts (see below for stats).

Where possible, I also run giveaways alongside the review. Standalone giveaways are possible but will depend on the product/service being offered.

Sponsored Content:

I only work with brands and/or products we are fans of and are happy to enthusiastically champion. If you think you’re one of those and you are interested in a more in depth collaboration, then please get in touch.

Social Media:

All posts, articles, and reviews are supported by social media promotion, including tags and/or mentions of specific accounts where possible.

Some facts and figures:

  • Blog has an average of 13,500+ UMVs (over the past 12 months)
  • 3,100+ Instagram followers
  • 3,200+ Facebook followers
  • 3,800+ Twitter followers
  • I have a Klout score of 70+
  • I am on Vuelio’s (formerly Cision) list of Top 10 Dad Blogs
  • Vuelio Blog Awards nominee (Best Parenting Blog)

I have also written for The Huffington Post and Mumsnet.

This blog has been featured by the likes of Buzzfeed, The Independent, Metro, The Observer, Yahoo! News, plus geek sites such as The Mary Sue, The Daily Dot, and Fashionably Geek, as well as international news coverage in the US, Spain, and Brazil among others.

Man vs. Pink followers, Man vs. Pink readership I have followers from all over the world, with primary readership in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, plus Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Spain.

Other services:

I am also a freelance writer of articles, product & sales copy, and voiceover scripts for tv & radio.

Still want to work with me?

Or have a question I haven’t answered? Then please drop me a line here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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